Centre for Transnational Studies

An international conference on Language and the future of Europe:
ideologies, policies and practices

8-10 July 2004
Organising Institution: Centre for Transnational Studies,
Modern Languages
, University of Southampton, United Kingdom

Abstracts, conference handouts and presentations

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Name Abstract title
Adrey Jean-Bernard
download abstract Regional and/or minority language politics after enlargement: the double standard issue
download powerpoint presentation Presentation (Powerpoint, 81Kb)
Alexander Richard
download abstract Englishisation of Europe in the (dis-) service of people or profit?
download conference handout Handout (rtf, 123Kb)
Anderson Laurie
download abstract Language choice and language ideology in post-graduate seminars in a multicultural / multilingual setting
Atkinson David
& Kelly–Holmes Helen
download abstract Advertising and the future of minority languages in Europe – the case of Catalan and Irish
download powerpoint presentation Presentation (Powerpoint, 486Kb)
Barrera-González Andrés
download abstract Language ideologies and language policies in Spain 1978-2003
Bartha Csilla
& Borbely Anna
download abstract Dimensions of linguist otherness: prospects of minority language maintenance in Hungary
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 358Kb)
Bleichenbacher Lukas
download abstract Dobry den Kosice – üdvözlöm Kassat – hello Kosice: language choice in a Slovak internet guestbook
download conference handout Handout (pdf, 263Kb)
download conference presentation Presentation (Powerpoint, 3.8Mb)
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 238Kb)
Blommaert Jan
download abstract European régimes of literacy
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 153Kb)
Brand Gerrit
Stellenbosch University
download abstract The role of "Europe" in the South African language debate
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 165Kb)
Brazaitis Kristina
download abstract Whither Lithuanian? Will Scotch supplant Schnapps and Vodka in the Lithuanian (linguistic) cocktail?
Brumfit Christopher
download abstract A European perspective on language as liminality
download conference paper Handout (rtf, 46Kb)
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 205Kb)
Brutt-Griffler Janina
download abstract Language endangerment and World English: theoretical perspectives
Busch Brigitta
download abstract Urban vs. national language policies
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 179Kb)
Byram Michael
download abstract From linguistic diversity to plurilingual education - policy development for Europe
download conference handout Handout (rtf, 30Kb)
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 150Kb)
Casesnoves Raquel
& Turell Teresa
download abstract Linguistic shift and community language: the effect of demographic factors in the Valencian Country and Catalonia
Chambers Angela
download abstract Language policy in higher education in Europe: what can we learn from bilingual universities?
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 175Kb)
Coleman Jim
Open University
download abstract The language of higher education
download conference handout Handout (rtf, 16Kb)
download conference presentation Presentation (Powerpoint, 76Kb)
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 216Kb)
Coluzzi Paolo

download abstract Minority language planning and regionalism in Italy: the cases of Lombardy and Friuli
download conference handout Handout (rtf, 43Kb)
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 130Kb)

Dunbar Robert
download abstract Regulation of language from a cultural diversity perspective
Duszak Anna
download abstract Why ‘newspeak’? Axiological insights into a new style of communication in Poland
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 184Kb)
Erling Elizabeth
& Hilgendorf Suzanne
download abstract Language ideologies in the context of German higher education
download conference handout Handout (pdf, 129Kb)
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 163Kb)
Extra Guus
& Yagmur Kutlay
Tilburg, Netherlands
download abstract Dealing with urban multiculturalism
Ferguson Gibson
download abstract Language revitalisation: the contrasting trajectories of Welsh and Breton
Gal Susan
download abstract Migration, minorities and multilingualism in Europe: language ideologies and the practices of linguistic difference
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 135Kb)
Garipov Yagfar
& Solnyshkina Marina
Kazan State University
download abstract Language policy in national republics of Russia: ideology and practice of Tatarstan
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 173Kb)
Gerente Eva
& Stoyiannidou Stavroula
download abstract Beyond assimilation and ethnocentricity: teaching modern Greek as a foreign and/or second language, in Greece and abroad
download conference presentation Presentation (Powerpoint, 30Kb)
Glaser Konstanze
Open University
download abstract Language as a multiple boundary marker: Gaelic as a source of regional, political and subcultural identities
Gnutzmann Claus
download abstract Globalisation, plurilingualism and English as a Lingua Franca (ELF): Has English as a Foreign Language (EFL) become obsolete?
Gould Robert
download abstract The European paradox: Swiss discourses of identity between dependence and xenophobia
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 187Kb)
Grin François
download abstract Towards a public policy approach to language scenarios for the EU
Hambye Philippe
download abstract Language policy as a matter of social justice: conditions for fair linguistic markets in the European Union
Hoffmann Charlotte
download abstract Social trends and multilingual patterns in contemporary Europe
Hogan-Brun Gabrielle
download abstract Language ideologies, policies and practices in the Baltic countries
download conference handout Handout (rtf, 15Kb)
download conference presentation Presentation (Powerpoint, 116Kb)
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 236Kb)
Horner Kristine
Buffalo, Luxembourg
download abstract Multikulti, awer op Lëtzebuergesch: negotiating the language-identity link in Luxembourg
Hult M Francis
download abstract Swedish minority language rights in ecolinguistic perspective
Johansson Marjut
Turku, Finland
download abstract Media representations of institutional multilingualism of the European Union
Johnson Sally
download abstract Orthography, legitimation and the construction of publics: the case of German
download conference presentation Presentation (Powerpoint, 62Kb)
Karyolemou Marilena
download abstract Language ideology and language practice in higher education: setting aside national language policies
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 151Kb)
Lindskog Annika
download abstract Language v. State: comparing the impact of language policies in Sweden and Ireland
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 164Kb)
Ljosland Ragnhild
download abstract English: the high variety of Norway?
download conference presentation Presentation (Powerpoint, 111Kb)
Longman Chris
download abstract Language and politics in the European convention: the challenge of multilingual deliberation
download conference handout Draft paper (rtf, 90Kb)
López Luis
download abstract On the origins of Spanish: linguistic science, language ideology and nationalism
download conference handout Draft paper (rtf, 34Kb)
McPake Joanna
& Tinsley Teresa
Mijares Laura
Aarts R
Martyniuk Waldemar
Jagiellonian, Poland
download abstract Promoting linguistic diversity? Local, national and Europe-wide support for community languages
download conference handout Handout 1 (rtf, 40Kb)
download conference handout Handout 2 (rtf, 45Kb)
download conference presentation Presentation (Powerpoint, 35Kb)
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 189Kb)
Mar-Molinero Clare
download abstract Europe and the future of languages: the case of Spanish
download conference presentation Presentation (Powerpoint, 149Kb)
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 160Kb)
Meinhof Ulrike
& Kiwan Nadia
download abstract Linguistic identities and social capital: transnationalism and the African music scene in Paris
Mercado Saul
download abstract Marketing Catalan language ideologies: regionalism, migration and the dynamism of Catalan language policies
Milani Tommaso
download abstract Sweden and the EU: language policy and national identity
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 173Kb)
Nolan Shaun John
download abstract Are we not French?: Regional identity and language in Eastern Brittany
download conference handout Handout (pdf, 23Kb)
download conference presentation Presentation (Powerpoint, 1.4Mb)
O’Driscoll Jim
download abstract The discourse of English as T-Rex
O’Rourke Bernadette
download abstract Minority languages as expressions of identity in an expanding Europe: examples from the Irish and Galician contexts
Očková Jana
download abstract “Tell me what do you think about them and I’ll tell you who you are.”: the “Other” in the context of foreign language teaching in the Czech Republic
Omoniyi Tope
download abstract The Ethnic between nation and supranation: ethnolinguistic minorities and European citizenship
Payne Mark
download abstract Researching foreign language provision within the context of the multilingual school and community
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 334Kb)
Petrovic Tanja
download abstract Balkan people in a non –Balkan state: how national and ethnic language ideologies meet in the case of Serbs in Slovenia
Preto-Bay Ana
download abstract The teaching of Portuguese as a second language to Eastern European Immigrants: systemic and methodological questions
download conference presentation Presentation (Powerpoint, 54Kb)
Premilovac Aida
download abstract Politics and history in a communist and post-communist language ideology and practice: The case of Serbo-Croatian
Priedite Aija
download abstract What do qualitative and quantitative surveys tell us about language policy?
Ricento Tom
download abstract Americanization, language ideologies and the construction of European identities
download conference handout Handout (rtf, 116Kb)
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 225Kb)
Rouillard Rémy
download abstract The Loyalty of Art: Russian Art and Literature and Estonian Linguistic Nationalism
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 206Kb)
Smith Kelvin
download abstract Publishing and language issues in Europe
download conference handout Handout (rtf, 83Kb)
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 10Kb)
Spotti Massimiliano
download abstract Constructing ‘native speakers to be’ in a primary Flemish multilingual classroom
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 184Kb)
Stevenson Patrick
download abstract 'National' languages in transnational contexts: language, migration and citizenship in Europe
download conference handout Handout (rtf, 27Kb)
download conference presentation Presentation (Powerpoint, 47Kb)
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 186Kb)
Stotz Daniel
download abstract Breach of peace: struggles around multilingualism in Switzerland
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 163Kb)
Timm Lenora
download abstract Heritage Languages within the European Union: Opportunity Faces Paradoxes, Two Case Studies
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 187Kb)
Tolstokorova Alissa
download abstract Gender, Linguistic Human Rights and European integration
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 133Kb)
Van Avermaet Piet
download abstract Social determinants of language shift amongst ethnic minority groups
download conference presentation Presentation (Powerpoint, 110Kb)
Voss Christian
download abstract The Macedonian standard language: a Tito-Yugoslav experiment or symbol for “Great Macedonian” ethnic inclusion?
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 166Kb)
Wagner Melanie
download abstract Non-linguists’ language values and attitudes in a growing Europe: the case of Trier in the Moselle-Franconian dialect area
Williams Colin
download abstract Reluctant reformers in language governance
download draft paper Draft paper (pdf, 230Kb)
Wise Mark
download abstract Defending France’s national linguistic territory within the transnational European Single Market; some implications for EU language policy
Wright Sue,
& Holmes-Kelly Helen,
download abstract Does the internet encourage the maintenance and revitalisation of lesser-used languages?
download conference presentation Presentation (Powerpoint, 182Kb)


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